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C'era una volta Piccino

Once upon a time there was Piccino


Once upon a time, in a small town in the province of Brescia, there was a very happy family . In the summer, the family always moved to this little village, a little cooler than the city, where Martina spent many afternoons with her beloved grandmother Fabrizia.

Grandmother, loving me very well, taught me the best of her education and her goodness (even a few more lessons in mathematics, as she was a very good teacher). We spent entire afternoons between homework, games and observing her greatest passion: embroidery.

After several years, Martina began to miss her grandmother and over the years, in a period called 2021, she wanted to do something for her, as a token of remembrance .

After a hard and long work, where Martina never gave up, Piccino was born: the union of the most beautiful passion of her grandmother with the nickname that she so loved to exclaim " Piccina ".

Thus Piccino was born .

Let's say that the name PICCINO was undoubtedly the easier choice. It tastes of home, of family, it has some of my wonderful memories inside and it is easy to memorize.

But that's not all ... Piccino's iconic garments are born from a memory that Martina carries in her heart , since she was a child.
And Piccino's mission is yes, to introduce quality and customizable hand-embroidered garments but also .. to remind every person on earth that we have all been little ones and that we have grown up with wonderful memories that we keep in our hearts.

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